A good news story about bad web design: Here’s a piece about how bad web sites can look.

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The Times Of India 1/2 A man walks past a fake website called kamala.ru, which is a copycat of the fake website kamalafast.com.

2/2 An illustration showing a website called www.amsterdam-bilderberg.com which looks a lot like kamalo.ru and has been widely used as a reference to a fake Amsterdam website.

The Netherlands are trying to stop the spread of fake websites and it is unclear whether they are blocking all fake websites.

3/2 Fake webpages are everywhere on the web, but are often fake.

This image, for example, purports to be from the fake websites “amsterdam bilderburg” and “amnesty international”.

Getty 4/2 This fake news site, also a copy of a real news site called kenya.net, was created in 2014.

Getty 5/2 Google, which owns YouTube, is one of the most widely used search engines on the internet, with more than 1.5 billion unique visitors a month.

6/2 Facebook and Twitter are also among the biggest online platforms, but Google’s popularity is down and its traffic has fallen in recent years.

Getty 7/2 The real estate market is a popular target for online copycats and fake news sites.

Getty 8/2 These are a few of the more popular fake news websites and sites, including this one, that are spreading fake news and propaganda on social media.

Getty 9/2 In the early hours of November 8th, a Russian-language news website called Tass was accused of promoting fake news on social networks and websites.

The site later said it was a troll and that the allegation was untrue.

Getty 10/2 Some of the headlines in this fake news article were copied from a fake news story published on a UK website called news-feed.co.uk Getty 11/2 While many fake news stories are based on rumours, this fake story was actually made up.

Getty 12/2 Another fake news piece was posted to Facebook, which claimed to be a news agency.

The website claimed it was from a UK publication called the Daily Mail.

Getty 13/2 On Tuesday, a UK newspaper was also targeted, this time by a fake article which claimed it had been published on Russian state news agency RT.

Reuters 14/2 More than a dozen websites were also taken down, some with warnings about them.

The sites included fake news aggregator fakenews.com and the fake news website fakenews, which also featured a picture of President Vladimir Putin.

Getty 15/2 BuzzFeed, which produces BuzzFeed News, is among the most popular fake media sites on the Internet, having more than 200 million unique monthly visitors.

Getty 16/2 Instagram, the social media platform for brands and individuals, is also among those targeted by a group of Russian trolls.

Getty 17/2 Twitter, the platform for media companies and celebrities, has been targeted by some of the worst fake news.

Reuters 18/2 Last month, the Washington Post, which published a story on the fake Russian news site VKontakte, was also taken offline by Russian trolls who posted anti-American and anti-EU propaganda.

Getty 19/2 Several websites were shut down for breaching copyright, including one that featured a cartoon of Donald Trump with a Russian flag and other offensive content.

Getty 20/2 Many websites are also believed to have been compromised by cybercriminals, and the attackers used malware to attack their servers.

Getty 21/2 YouTube, the popular video-sharing site, has also been hit by fake news, and is among those that are targeted by the Russian trolls, who have targeted several videos on the site.

Getty 22/2 Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the main investigative agency, has said the Russian government has been behind many of the recent online attacks.

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