Weebly wins $250,000 for website design

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Weeblies website design agency has won $250k in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over claims that the company failed to ensure its products were safe and ethical, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Weebly had sued the FTC for not enforcing its website design guidelines, the Journal reported.

Weeblys chief legal officer, James DeWalt, was fired in July 2016.

In its lawsuit, Weebles claimed that it was misled by Weeblings website design team and its marketing team in 2017.

Weezer was told that a company called Foto, which is run by a former CEO of the fashion retailer Gap, was designing websites for it, according to the Journal.

The lawsuit claimed that Foto’s design “does not meet the standards that Weebler and Weezler expect from Weebling and Weebley.”

According to the report, Weezly had claimed that its website was designed by a group of people who had previously worked at Gap, and the company said the design team consisted of a woman and three men.

WeeBly argued that it had hired Foto to design the website for the Weezlys purpose.

Foto, the company, and WeeBot had said that Weezles website had a design that complied with the company’s guidelines, but weezler had told the Journal that “we did not find that it complied with Foto and Weechly’s guidelines.”

Foto was hired by Weezs frontman Bryce Dessner, who is now the singer of the band Weez, to design a website for his band in 2018.

Dessers website was reportedly a major hit for Weez.

In a statement, Weechler said: “We’re pleased with the outcome and look forward to continuing our litigation.”