Google is giving developers access to more sites on the web—and Facebook is happy about it

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Posted September 25, 2018 15:13:48 Google has been rolling out an all-in-one mobile website redesign tool to developers, and Facebook has been happy about the new tool.

The company has been working with developers to get new features in the new website redesign, but has been quietly adding some features for the company’s popular social network.

Facebook’s own website redesign features, for example, have been integrated into a new version of the company website, the company says on its blog.

The redesign is being made possible thanks to the work of three teams of developers who were working with Google and Facebook to develop a new mobile site.

“We want to make sure we get the most out of our existing products so we can bring the new features to even more developers in the future,” a Google spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“This means we are adding new features and tools to our existing platforms, so we’ll continue to roll out the most recent redesign.”

Facebook has also been working on a new social network redesign, according to its own blog.

The company is building a redesigned Facebook homepage with more integration with Google search, which will allow users to find and connect with their friends and family, among other things.

The updated site will also include new content, which Facebook says will be “more relevant to mobile users.”

For developers, the new mobile redesign will be available on the Android and iOS apps.