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The new Web site design standards (WWDC) are well under way, and today we’re excited to announce that the HTML5 specification, the first time HTML has been used to define a modern web design standard, has officially been published.

The HTML5 standard is an update to the HTML 4 specification and is aimed at making web design more responsive, and we’re glad to see it be adopted. 

The first HTML5 version, published in November, was written by the standards committee.

The updated HTML5 is being considered by the browser vendors, and is expected to be ready for release by the end of March, as part of the HTML 5 specification.HTML5’s purpose is to define standards for a set of specifications that can be used to provide interoperability across web browsers and other platforms.

For example, the HTML standards specify a set that the WebKit team uses for its browser, but other browsers and platforms may be able to use the same standards for their own use.

In fact, some of the specifications can be adapted to use existing technologies, such as the CSS3 specification, which supports all of the latest web design technologies, like responsive images.

In order to do this, the standards require that browsers implement a set.

In addition to the standards that were originally designed to be interoperable, there are also a number of additional standards that are used for the specification, such an HTML5 “extensions” that can extend the browser’s functionality, and other such things.

HTML5 defines the HTML elements, including a set called “content” that is used for displaying content.

This document describes the content elements of the new HTML5, as well as some of its key concepts.

The new HTML standard is designed to facilitate the development of new standards for interoperability.

The following are the key elements of HTML5:A element, with a canvas tag that specifies a canvas for a given width and height.

An element that represents a small image.

An HTML5 element that defines the canvas, such a element.

The canvas can contain other elements such as a border or text.


A tag-based attribute that specifies the media type of a video.

A text-based element that indicates the type of text to be displayed.

The element is the most common element in the HTML specification.

It is an object that contains a canvas and a video player, and can contain any type of media.

There are several ways to create an element in HTML5.

It can be created by adding a to an HTML document, or it can be added to an

This method allows you to provide multiple media streams for an HTML video and audio file.

The most important element of the

The play tag indicates that the user can start watching the video.

It’s also possible to specify the width and/or height of the play area, and a duration of the video that should play.

There’s also a tag that starts playing the video at the specified location.

There are a number, but not all, of <video and audio elements that have a duration attribute.

This indicates the time that the video and/ or audio should start.

The <audio element has a duration property that specifies how long the audio should play for.

The following are some of HTML’s more interesting

This is a

A video-play

A play-start

This tag starts a


This one is similar to a but it does not specify the duration of a play.

It starts a new


This element stops playback of the specified video at any time.

If you need to add additional

For instance, to add an element called “play”, add this attribute to an html document:The following is a


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