Which websites should I build to grow my business?

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We’ve all seen the adverts for “best site in the office” but we rarely hear from the people who actually use it. 

A new survey from the consulting firm McKinsey and Company suggests we should be paying attention.

It surveyed 1,600 people from across the world and found that most of them thought they’d spend around 20% of their income on their businesses.

But, while this may sound a little excessive, McKinsey found that only 3% of respondents said they’d invest more than 40% of what they earn on their business.

And what do we spend the most?

They found that 47% of people had spent less than $100,000 on their company, while 39% had spent more than $500,000.

This suggests that, for those with a lot of money, a good site could go a long way to generating a healthy business.

But what if your site isn’t designed to be your best one?

It seems that you should be focusing on your site’s strengths and not trying to make it the most popular site in your office.

McKinsey found a correlation between the amount of visitors a site had on average and the amount that visitors spent.

For instance, if a site attracted 6% more visitors than the average site, that means that the average visitor spent 2.2 times more than the visitor that went to that site.

But if you’re not making your site appealing enough, you’ll be left with the impression that you’re a site that’s not doing anything but sucking up your precious time.

To find out how you can improve your site, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your site.1.

Use keywords for keyword searches2.

Use SEO principles3.

Don’t go overboard in keywords4.

Use analytics5.

Use a template or design to help people find what they’re looking forWhen you’re designing your website, make sure you choose keywords that will attract visitors to your website and make them want to visit.

For instance, you could put a big focus on SEO principles such as “Best SEO Strategy”, “Best Search Engine Optimisation”, “The Best SEO Practices”, and “Best Online Search Engine”. 

Then, you can focus on keywords that can be used in the context of your website or other online businesses that you might be targeting.

If you don’t have a lot to offer, you might think that keywords like “design”, “product”, “software”, “marketing”, “technology” or “apparel” will do the trick.

However, McKinseys report found that almost one-third of the people surveyed had spent only 1% of the money they made on their websites.

So, you may think that the keywords are there to make your site more popular, but the reality is that these keywords are not enough to get people to visit your site and click on your links.

Instead, you should focus on getting your visitors to search for your keyword, as well as creating a clear link structure so people can find your site from the beginning.

This will help you to build up a strong base of keywords and make your content look professional.


Create an ecommerce landing page and a storefront with lots of product and sales information3.

Build your ecommerce storefront to drive more traffic4.

Improve your customer relationship management by adding a call-to-action5.

Build an eCommerce website with a mobile-friendly layout6.

Improve customer satisfaction by targeting the wrong users7.

Create a site for your customers to rate online with a real-time feedback system8.

Build a site to drive new leads9.

Create your own online marketplace to provide real-world sales information10.

Create more relevant content for your website11.

Improve the website’s overall user experience and usability12.

Create multiple products on your website13.

Increase customer satisfaction with ecommerce marketing14.

Improve conversion rates15.

Create better online customer support16.

Build more profitable online products17.

Improve user engagement with eCommerce18.

Build sales and customer support tools19.

Create video-based content to promote your products and services20.

Create engaging content for ecommerce21.

Improve search rankings by using natural language search tools22.

Improve brand awareness23.

Improve organic traffic24.

Create additional content to increase the visibility of your products25.

Increase online traffic and conversions26.

Build custom landing pages for your eCommerce businesses27.

Improve sales, customer service and email retention28.

Improve social media and social media engagement29.

Improve digital marketing30.

Increase conversion rates31.

Improve overall website performance32.

Improve SEO quality33.

Create high-quality landing pages with images and text that you can use on your websites.34.

Create content to educate your customers and help them understand what is important to them35.

Improve visibility by creating content that is relevant for a wide audience36.

Improve online sales and sales process visibility37.

Improve mobile usability38.


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