Why a simple button can change the way you browse a website

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The new site ui designer, Jana Van den Bergh, uses buttons to tell users to go to the homepage, go to a website’s home page, and return to the main menu.

And it’s all in the background.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal if you don’t use buttons,” she says.

Van den Berggh uses a button-free approach, where users tap their way to the home page by clicking on a drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the screen.

But she’s been experimenting with other ways to tell visitors to go through a menu, like scrolling through tabs or selecting tabs that contain a link to the site.

“There’s this idea that if you can only use a single button, it’s better than no buttons at all,” she tells The Verge.

Van Den Berggh’s new site has a lot of options for visitors to navigate the site without having to press a single key.

But the design can be tricky to navigate, she says, and it’s easier to navigate with a menu button instead.

So far, she’s only used the home menu to navigate through her site.

But her new site lets users switch between menus by simply tapping on a link.

The site’s homepage features a menu and other navigation options.

The menu can be seen at the top right of the site, along with a list of links to other sites.

In the navigation bar, users can also toggle between three navigation options: Home, Home Menu, and Search.

A drop-through menu at the bottom of the page lets users jump directly to a site’s home menu.

Users can click on a menu item to go directly to that site’s menu page, or to jump to the menu’s home, navigation, or search pages.

It’s also possible to swipe left or right to move through the menus.

The menus appear in a small white space in the bottom-left corner of a screen.

You can scroll up and down to see more details about a site, including its title, image, and description.

Users have to tap on the top of the menu to jump straight to the next menu.

When the user swipes down, they can also switch between menu pages.

To switch between the home, home menu, and search pages, users swipe up and right.

Tap the icon next to the search bar, and the site’s navigation options will open up.

In a more familiar approach, users simply tap on a navigation menu item.

“When you have a single menu, it doesn’t feel so good,” Van den Berggh says.

The new design allows users to tap the home button to go straight to a homepage or to select a website home page.

But a menu is far easier to use than a button.

“The buttons have become so ubiquitous that it feels so natural,” she explains.

Van der Berggh started experimenting with this new design approach last summer, and has since made a number of changes.

Now the site uses a “more flexible” approach to menu navigation, with a drop down menu at each menu page instead of a single drop-up menu.

The top navigation menu has also been updated.

In addition, the navigation menu now displays a “menu title” for each of the menus it includes.

For example, the search menu now shows the word “Search” instead of the word search.

Van Der Berggh says she’s also added a link back to the top navigation page so users can quickly go to another site’s search page if they don’t want to scroll down.

Vanden Berggh points out that the redesign is far from perfect, but it’s still a better experience than the old site.

There’s no single page navigation option for the home or search menu, but she says it’s not so hard to navigate if you have the navigation options at hand.

“If you have an empty space in your home page and you want to make it a page with a home page in it, you just tap on it,” she told The Verge, and that should work for most sites.


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