How to be a better website designer: What to look for in a good design

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You can find out how to do just about everything, and for that, you need to have a good website design.

But it can be hard to keep things simple, so we’ve rounded up 10 great tips to make your site a more beautiful and effective one.


Choose a good typography The most important thing is to choose a typeface that will suit your needs.

You don’t want to look at a design that looks like a web page or is designed with one hand, but with the other.


Choose an appropriate size for your content When it comes to the type of content that you want to have displayed on your website, the more space that you have on the page, the better.

The more content that can be displayed at the same time, the bigger your audience will be. 3.

Use a well-designed logo for your logo You can use a great logo, but the important thing to do is to design your logo according to your website’s needs.


Use the right fonts for your web pages A good web design can help you to create a strong and memorable brand identity.


Use your own website design to showcase your own products and services to your customers A good website is more than just a website.

It’s also a place where you can share your business and your ideas.


Make sure you have a website design you can be proud of When you’re building a website, you should think of it as your home, and you should be proud when you use it.

But if you don’t know how to make it beautiful and attractive, you won’t be able to attract visitors.


Make your website work on a wide range of devices You don´t want to rely on the mobile app, mobile browser or mobile web browser, so you have to make sure that your website will work on all devices that you can use.


Choose the right colours for your website colours are an important part of a website’s design, and it can also be difficult to decide which colour is the right one.

To make your website stand out, make sure you choose a colour that fits your brand and your website.


Use CSS to help your website look better A good rule of thumb is to use a colour for the main text, then a background colour for your images, and finally a padding colour.


Don’t be afraid to use colour-coded navigation bars A good navigation bar can help users navigate to specific parts of your website to get to information they’re looking for.


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