What you need to know about online marketing services for small businesses

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Small business owners are being urged to rethink the way they conduct online marketing, as online advertising is becoming more lucrative.

A study by online advertising company eMarketer said the average business online marketing spend is rising at an annual rate of 2.4 percent, according to eMarketers data.

“We see an increase in the number of people using our platforms, which is encouraging us to focus on growing our business and offering our services,” said Laura M. Vassallo, the vice president of marketing for eMarkets, in a statement.

“It’s important for us to be proactive about getting the right online content for our customers and we know that it’s critical to create content that is engaging, relevant and engaging.

We look forward to working with you to build your business.”

The study found that nearly one in five consumers surveyed say they’d be interested in signing up for a business online, according the study, which surveyed 4,500 Americans.

A whopping 83 percent said they would sign up for online marketing and consulting services if they could, with 29 percent of respondents saying they’d consider signing up just for marketing.

The study also found that only 16 percent of Americans said they had the resources to get their business online.

It’s unclear how much a small business can expect to make through online marketing.

VASSALO told Fox News that her agency only handles business-related advertising for its clients.

She said her agency typically sells advertising on its own website.

The online marketing industry is growing at a rapid rate, with online advertising growing by more than 30 percent in the past year alone, according eMarketing data.

EMarketer estimated that the average online ad spend on websites rose from $18.84 per click in 2016 to $20.21 per click this year.

But the agency said it does not track the revenue of businesses that use the services of eMarkers.

While many of the services offered by eMarketters are geared toward small businesses, the agency also offers marketing services to businesses that have more than 50 employees, such as the travel agency, food delivery and home-delivery services.

For more information about small business online advertising, visit: https://www.elitepro.com/online-advertising/small-business-online-ad-marketing/


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