New Google logo is unveiled at Google’s press event

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NEW YORK — The new logo for Google Inc. is a bit of a mystery.

But the design is meant to stand out from its rivals.

And Google Inc.’s logo is nothing new.

The company has used the old logo for decades, most recently in the early 1990s, and it’s been used on other company products and on a few brand new products, including a new cellphone and a new speaker.

But the logo for the new one is different.

It has been designed to be distinctive, and the company has said it wanted to take the old look and make it stand out.

“I think the old Google logo was quite boring, I think it was kind of a bland looking thing,” said Scott Mankiewicz, senior director of product management at Brand Marketing Partners, a digital agency.

This new one has a lot of energy and it is a brand that people can relate to.

A few years ago, Google redesigned the logo, but Mankiews said the changes made it feel more contemporary.

“We think the change to the logo is a big step in the right direction,” he said.

“I don’t think this new logo is going to take off because the old one was just boring.

But I think this is an improvement that the people are going to like.”

Google also said the new logo will stand out on a variety of different devices.

“It will stand on the desktop, on a smartphone, on the tablet and we’re going to bring it to more than just the Nexus line,” Mankies said.

Google also announced that it will be giving away free promotional items and a Google Play Store gift card for the next three months.