Top ecommerce websites with bad web design

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A new study from Google Trends has revealed that nearly half of the ecommerce traffic in the United States goes through a web design company.

The study found that 43 percent of all ecommerce visits in the US in April went through a website designer.

In the UK, that figure was 26 percent.

The authors of the study said that, although the study didn’t measure the quality of the website design, it’s not uncommon for a website design to be poor for the sake of getting more traffic.

The good news for designers is that a bad website design can actually make it more likely for visitors to return.

“A website’s design can affect how people think about a product or service, and how they might respond,” said co-author Michael Sperling.

“The more you’re making things that look bad, the more likely people are to return.”

If a website looks good, but isn’t the way people actually interact with the product, that’s a sign that the product is in bad shape, Sperlin said.

A bad website can make people think the product isn’t good enough to recommend.

If the site looks good and the product does exactly what you expect, but the user has no real understanding of what that product does, that means the product’s only purpose is to get people to return to the site.

A design should be as close to the physical product as possible, and not distract from it, Sterling said.

That means design should not have a visual element that doesn’t contribute to the user experience.

The design should include as many visual elements as possible to get the most out of the design, and also not interfere with the user’s use of the product.

The site’s name should also be prominently displayed, in addition to the product name.

A great site should not look like a typical website.

A site with an overly long logo can make users feel as though they’re being taken for a ride, and that’s not a good design.

Sperling added that designers should take a cue from designers in other industries.

“Designers have to think about the visual side of things,” he said.

“They have to look at the physical side of the products, and they have to consider all of those aspects.”

If you’re looking for the best ecommerce site design, check out our roundup of the best design websites.

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