Google’s web design team is creating its own website for the next generation of web browsers

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By MARK STEWART-MACKENZIE, Associated Press A team of developers has created a new web design tool for developers, with the goal of making it easier for them to create more personalized and responsive websites.

The Web Design Tools Team, which includes developers from Google, Adobe and Microsoft, says it will be a “first class” tool that can help developers create more powerful websites for the new platforms that will hit the web this year.

Its not quite a new tool, though.

For years, web designers have used a set of templates that they could modify to their liking, including some with a visual design style they could customize.

The new tools are designed to be easy to understand, with a set number of elements to work with, and an “in-depth” overview of the design process.

The team also says they’re looking to make them “more accessible and easier to understand.”

The team includes three people and has a team of about 20 developers working on the project, which was launched earlier this month.

It’s one of a growing number of sites designed to help developers learn how to make more customized websites.

“We really want to create a tool that allows you to create the website you want in less than a week, which is the future of web design,” said the team’s founder, John Gomes, in a phone interview.

The project is the latest in a string of high-profile projects designed to give designers more control over their designs.

Last month, Google released a “design tools” app, which allows designers to add, remove, and customize elements of their website without having to open an app.

In the same way that you can choose your design styles and patterns from within an app, you can create your own websites in the browser, the company said.

The team’s tools were created with a focus on simplifying the process of creating websites.

It includes tools that will allow designers to create websites quickly, including a tool called “Web Builder,” that allows users to create web pages for free.


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