Microsoft’s first app, a browser-based email client, is winning a prestigious design award

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The latest Microsoft app is winning the prestigious Design of the Year award, according to a report published by Design Daily, a site that focuses on design trends.

The Microsoft email app for Windows 10 is a Chrome-based browser app, which means the app is powered by Chrome OS.

The Design of The Year is designed to highlight the work of outstanding design and engineering professionals.

The award will be presented on April 25 in New York.

The Microsoft app, called OneDrive for Business, has won the Design of a Designers Choice Award, an honor that has gone to Microsoft products for years, including Office 365 and the Windows Phone platform.

The company’s app has won more than 50 Designers’ Choice awards since its launch in 2012.

Microsoft has also won more Designers awards for mobile apps than any other company, including the iPad and the iPhone.

It also has won two Designers of the Month awards for the last three years.

The app was designed by Eric Shulman and built by the company’s design team.

It was launched in July 2017 and has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

The design team also designed a Windows Phone app called Microsoft OneDrive, which was also named Design of an Award, according the Design Daily report.

Microsoft is now looking to make OneDrive a more mainstream and useful app for the enterprise.

The app, for example, can save your documents, schedules, contacts, and calendar details, according Design Daily.