Wix wins the Best Website Design award

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Wix.com is the most popular e-commerce site with more than 17 million visitors per day.

Its website design has been recognized as “the most compelling and engaging design in the e-retail space,” according to Mashable.

In a contest hosted by The Huffington Post, the web design company won the “Best Website Design” award for its innovative design.

The site has featured popular designs such as “Gothic Style,” “Ethereal Style” and “Fruit Salad.”

Best design of the week: Wix website design Witchdoctor.com has been featured in the New York Times.

The design by the web designer has been viewed more than 14 million times, while the blog has also been seen on the front pages of CNN, USA Today and several other publications.

It’s been described by BuzzFeed as “magically beautiful.”

WitchDoctor.com also created a Facebook group which has over 3,000 members and receives more than 150,000 likes a day.

The website was described by Mashable as an “amazing, whimsical homage to witchcraft.” 

WitchDrone.com won the Best Design category for the web site and it has a huge following in the US.

WitchDay.com, which features witch days of the month in the United States, has gained over 6,000 followers.

It has featured a series of designs including a “tribute to the witch” and a “fun Halloween design.”

Witches Day is the official time for Americans to celebrate witches in celebration of the holiday of witches on Sept. 6, and it is often the time for witches to collect magical materials such as eggs or incense and burn them to celebrate the day.

Witchesday.com posted a picture of its first design on its Facebook page and shared the following message with fans:The design was voted “Best Design” in the “Design Contest of the Year” at the National Web Design Awards.

The web design group has over 1,000 member followers and has received more than 100,000 views and likes per day according to Buzzfeed.


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