Designing a Cool Website Design

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What’s cool?

What is cool about your business?

You might be surprised to know that there are lots of different cool websites to design.

Here are a few of our favorites:1.

The Bazaar2.

The Social Media Center3.

The Travel Industry4.

The NewsFeed5.

The Business of the Future6.

The Future of Business7.

The Design of the Past8.

The Search Engine9.

The Internet’s Greatest Hits10.

The New Web11.

The Web of the New Millennium12.

The World of TomorrowThe Bazaar is a cool site that sells a range of different items, and it was designed by a company called

Here’s how it looks:1.)

The Bazar2.)

The Shopfront3.)

The Merchandise4.)

The Gallery5.)

The Store6.)

The Bookstore7.)

The Office8.)

The Video Game Center9.

A House for Sale10.

A Music Video11.

A Movie12.

A Home for Sale13.

The Bookshelf14.

A Car15.

A Garden for Sale16.

A Garage17.

A Spa18.

A Museum19.

A Video Store20.

A Library21.

A Kitchen22.

A Bar23.

A Sports Hall24.

A Coffee Shop25.

A Petting Zoo26.

A Restaurant27.

A Nightclub28.

A Bookshop29.

A Bunkhouse30.

A Hotel31.

A Motel32.

A Pool33.

A Gym34.

A Campsite35.

A Golf Course36.

A Bathroom37.

A Playground38.

A Snowboard Campsite39.

A Bike Shop40.

A Fitness Center41.

A Church42.

A Theater43.

A Pizza Shop44.

A Sushi Shop45.

A Laundry Shop46.

A Pharmacy47.

A Salon48.

A Store49.

A Food Store50.

A Radio Station51.

A Grocery Shop52.

A CVS Pharmacy53.

A Family Health Center54.

A Beauty Shop55.

A Furniture Shop56.

A Drugstore57.

A OfficeShop58.

A Entertainment Shop59.

A Hair Salon60.

A Body Shop61.

A Coat Shop62.

A Pest Control Center63.

A Personal Care Shop64.

A Dental Clinic65.

A Jewelry Shop66.

A Makeup Artist67.

A Wedding Dress68.

A Handbags Shop69.

A Fashion Store70.

A Clothing Shop71.

A Bed & Garden72.

A Outfit Shop73.

A Auto Parts Store74.

A Electronics Shop75.

A Computer Store76.

A Leather Goods Store77.

A Guitar Shop78.

A Toys Shop79.

A Musical Instrument Shop80.

A Games Room81.

A Paint Shop82.

A Lawnmower Shop83.

A Tractor Shop84.

A Fireplace Shop85.

A Wood-Shed Truck86.

A Fishing Station87.

A Horse Campground88.

A Bus Stop89.

A Greeting Card Shop90.

A Motorcycle Station91.

A Kite-Tail Bar92.

A Hot Tub93.

A Dog Park94.

A Boat95.

A Beachfront Pool96.

A Fencing Arena97.

A Park Bus 98.

A Bowling Alley99.

A Country Club100.

A Ski Resort101.

A Skatepark102.

A Sculpture Garden103.

A Miniature Garden104.

A Tennis Court105.

A Soccer Field106.

A Dance Studio107.

A Rec Room108.

A Basketball Arena109.

A Shooting Gallery110.

A Swimming Pool111.

A Boating Gym112.

A Track and Field Facility113.

A Volleyball Arena114.

A Softball Arena115.

A Roller Coaster Arena116.

A Jet Ski Spa117.

A Jogger Track118.

A Laser Tag Arena119.

A Water Ski Course120.

A Ice Skating Course121.

A Cross Country Course122.

A Surf Course123.

A Curling Arena124.

A Mountain Bike Course125.

A Boxing Gym126.

A Snooker Arena127.

A Figure Skating Arena128.

A Lacrosse Arena129.

A Baseball Stadium130.

A Cricket Stadium131.

A Wrestling Gym132.

A Weightlifting Gym133.

A Field Hockey Arena134.

A Archery Arena135.

A Football Gym136.

A Hockey Gym137.

A Kickboxing Gym138.

A Rugby Gym139.

A Taekwondo Gym140.

A Cycling Gym141.

A Mixed Martial Arts Gym142.

A Yoga Studio143.

A Holistic Dentistry Studio144.

A Equestrian Gym145.

A Paragliding Gym146.

A Airsoft Fitness Center147.

A Martial Arts Studio148.

A Table Tennis Studio149.

A Rowing Gym150.

A Wheelchair Basketball Studio151.

A Pilates Studio152.

A Bandstand Studio153.

A Dancing Studio154.

A Singing Studio155.

A Hula-Hopping


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