What you need to know about Google’s new site design guidelines

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Google has finally updated its design guidelines, making the changes necessary for businesses to get their sites up and running.

These guidelines are still in effect for business owners to follow, but they’re now clearer, and there’s an emphasis on a cleaner look and feel.

Here’s the rundown:The old guidelines were based on the idea that the best way to show your business is to make it look like it exists.

They were meant to be a template for all businesses.

The new guidelines are a “new look, new rules,” the company says.

That means they’re meant to “simplify the process of getting started and grow your business.”

Here’s what to expect:The main focus is on a simpler, cleaner look.

The old guidelines focused on using “the right colors and text colors to stand out from the rest of your site, as well as highlighting the right features to showcase your products.”

The new rules are meant to help businesses to “look like they exist,” Google says.

They also encourage more “fun and interactive content” and better use of “visual elements” (e.g., the logo and menu).

There’s a more focused focus on the site’s design, including a cleaner “content-first approach,” Google explains.

That should mean the site looks cleaner and easier to navigate, it says.

That means less distractions for users, which Google calls a “golden rule.”

It also means that your site should “be easy to understand and understand well,” and “have a great user experience.”

For businesses that want to take things further, Google has added an “Ask Your Question” section for companies to ask for help.

It also makes it easier to submit questions for new products.

This is all great, but what about your existing customers?

Are they going to notice?

Google says the new guidelines will “help ensure that your customers are happy with your site’s appearance and feel.”

That should include your existing customer base, the company explains.

Google says these changes should be “expected over the coming weeks.”

So if you’re still struggling with your existing website, or just need a refresher, here’s how to stay on top of the new design guidelines.