When I Was a Graphic Designer: How I Became a Digital Designer

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“I think the thing that we’ve found is that the process of doing digital design has changed.

We’ve learned to be more collaborative and more intentional about what we’re doing.

We don’t have to worry about getting a finished product or having a final design done.

We just need to understand the process.

We have a sense of what’s working, and it helps us build better solutions for our customers.”

-David Sacks, founder of the Sacks Institute, an education, entrepreneurship, and consulting company “We’ve seen that we can really take a design to the next level by making it more about the product itself, rather than a specific element of the design.

And, of course, that leads to a lot of design work being done by the team themselves, instead of just the designer.”

-Gabe Lidstrom, designer, designering, design, design studio,design company source New Yorker article “Designers now have a very large range of experience.

Designers have an understanding of the world.

Design is a craft.

We are not looking at an abstract object as a tool.

We’re looking at it as a thing that needs to be made.

That’s a big shift.”

-Andrew M. Gelfand, former design director, design consulting firm, Gelfands Creative, Gaff & Associates, Gefor, Giffords, Gifre, and more.

“The designers who are doing digital are more comfortable with this concept of creating and sharing their own material.

They’re less concerned about looking good and more concerned with what’s going on around them.”

-Johan G. van der Velde, professor, design student, design company, design school, design program, and creative director at Design Center Holland, Netherlands.

“A lot of people have lost touch with the idea of design as a discipline.

This is the first time since the 1950s that we have a generation where we don’t see the design as something that needs expertise.”

-Peter M. Tressel, design director at Miele, a design firm specializing in the digital media, and former director of design at Apple, Design Museum, and The New York Times.

“I feel that the designers of today are more interested in creating something visually than in creating a product.”

-Eric M. Cottrell, design chief, Digital Design, DDC, Digital Designer, Design Manager, and a member of the Design Institute of Designers and Engineers.

“When I started in this industry in 2007, it was very much a collaborative process, where we had to work together on projects, and we didn’t know the end product until we’d worked on it.”

-Mark S. Durbin, president, Durbins Digital Design Group, former executive director, and chairman of Durbinos Design Group.

“Design is about creating beautiful, engaging designs.

I think the whole design movement has shifted.

We need to embrace the beauty of the digital design process.”

-Mike G. Graziano, senior designer, digital design and content, Adobe, Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Design, Digital Domain, digital designer, and founder of Adobe Design School.

“It’s not the product, it’s the way the people feel about the design.”

-Timothy M. Lee, designer and creator of the Adobe Design Studio, creator of digital content and design, creator, designer of Adobe, design and technology, and creator and editor of The Creators Project.

“We’re no longer a team of designers.

We now have designers who work with designers, who work in teams.

We know what we are doing.

This means we’re in charge of our work.”

-Dan D. Biederman, designer at The Design Studio.

“There is a new focus on digital design.

People want to be the designers, and they want to know what’s coming next.”

-Paul L. Bier, co-founder of the Digital Design Institute, director of digital design at Adobe, and author of Digital Design.

“This is a huge shift for us.

The traditional model of digital is a bunch of designers who all come up with the same designs, and everyone makes a few bucks.

But today, designers have a much greater opportunity to collaborate, collaborate on designs that are going to make a real difference in the world.”

-Nancy J. Darnell, director, digital strategy and product strategy at Adobe and co-author of The Design Revolution: Why We Can’t Ignore the Digital Future.

“What’s happening is that a lot more people are getting involved.

The digital world is changing, and the digital team is being put in charge.

I believe that is going to change the way we design.”

—Gabe T. Lidsten, former head of design, Adobe Creative Director, former co-creator, cofounder of Adobe Creative Lab


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