VIDEO: How to make the perfect ‘design logo’

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Why do we care about the design of a product’s logo?

This topic is important to a variety of users.

But one of the most frustrating challenges in any design project is how to make your logo work well across multiple platforms.

So, what do you need to know to create one for the web, mobile, and the big screen?

You might know that logos work well for web design but for mobile it’s a different story.

In a post on Design Trends for Mobile, designers and Web developers Kevin and Katie have some tips on how to create logos that look and feel great on every platform: 1.

Choose a unique icon for each platform’s layout.

If you’re designing a website for iPad, for instance, you might want your logo to resemble a circular icon that resembles the shape of a scroll wheel.

“On your iPhone, for the best results, start with a basic circle,” explains Kevin.

For mobile you might not have enough space for icons, so use text to represent the icon.

“Just take one piece of text, place it at the top of each page, and put it at either side of a square, circle, or square-circle-shaped element that you would like to represent it.”


Create an element with unique, graphic elements.

For example, “Try an icon with a big circle or a big square,” says Katie.

“Use the same color, the same size, and some combination of them, to make them your icon.”

A big icon makes your logo stand out and will keep it readable across platforms.


Create your logo’s title and description.

A successful logo should have clear, concise and memorable content.

A memorable title is one that helps your brand stand out, “as well as being easy to read,” Kevin says.

For the mobile web, “try to have the name and description at the beginning,” he adds.

“I like to call them your basic product description.”

To create your title, you may want to add an introductory video or a link to the product page.

“It helps to have a simple, but clear and compelling description,” Katie recommends.

“Try to think of your product as a ‘package,’ and your logo as your ‘signature.'”


Include your product’s brand name and logo in the design.

Kevin notes that the most important elements in your logo are your logo name and the logo itself.

“Asking for our help with a design is important, so please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.”

The best way to ensure your logo is unique on mobile is to choose a unique image that matches the brand name of your app or service, says Katie, adding that the best way is to take a photo of your logo and the name in red, then choose it as the background for your design.


Add an iconic text font or image to your design to help identify your logo.

Use an appropriate icon font and use the right image or icon to distinguish it from the rest of your design, says Kevin.

This helps make it easier for mobile users to read your logo on their device, he says.

“[We recommend] taking the time to add a few custom icons and logos that you can use throughout the rest to differentiate your app and the surrounding design,” Katie says.


Make sure your logo aligns with your product or service’s logo.

Kevin advises designers to include icons that match your website’s icon format, which is based on size and the shape you want it to be.

“This can help you to avoid the ‘jumbotron’ that most of the other mobile design agencies don’t know,” he says, adding, “Use them to help you get your design across across.”


Don’t have a logo for your mobile website or mobile app?

Find one!

Katie says that for websites, she often creates her logo in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or any other type of design program that’s compatible with Adobe Illustrators.

“Designers should be able to use any tool that supports a basic word-processor or similar software to create a logo, including Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape, so they can then save it as a .gif or similar file and use this as the base for the rest,” she says.

Katie recommends using this approach for mobile products, too, but if your logo needs to be bigger, or bolder, it’s best to use a bigger font and larger images.


Make your logo an exclusive visual element of your site.

The more unique your logo becomes, the more potential users will come across it on the web.

“That means you need a logo that’s exclusive, and not just an icon, to stand out on your site and keep visitors interested,” says Kevin, adding you can choose the icon for


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