Trump to blame for death of ‘a true legend’

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Trump is blaming a “true legend” in the early days of his presidential bid for the death of an obscure New Hampshire radio personality who lived in the town of Grafton and helped run a daily newspaper for many years.

The Graftons Herald, which was published from 1949 to 1956, was owned by a local woman named Elizabeth Bowers.

It had long been the only daily newspaper in the small town, which had a population of about 500.

Bowers died in August at age 82.

Trump called her a “great, great person” and “one of the most brilliant people that ever lived.”

The death of Bowers, a fixture on the Graftont radio station, has caused a sensation in New Hampshire.

The Associated Press has published an account of her life and death that has sparked debate about whether the candidate has ever held a public position or has a stake in the daily paper’s fate.

Trump, who has previously denied any involvement in her death, has repeatedly said he had no part in her decision to quit the station.

Trump has denied having any involvement with the newspaper’s demise.

Trump said he has had the paper for decades and it was the best paper in Graftoun.

He called the Herald “the best newspaper in New England.”

Trump has said he will make a deal with Bowers’ estate to put up for sale the newspaper.

“I will put up the newspaper for sale,” Trump said.

“I will sell the newspaper.”

He did not provide any specifics.

A spokeswoman for Bowers said Bowers had asked Trump to buy the paper from the estate but had not received an offer.

In a statement issued late Friday, Trump called the Bowers estate’s decision to sell the paper “disgraceful” and said he was “deeply saddened” by her death.

“Elizabeth Bowers was one of New England’s great legends,” Trump’s statement said.

“She will be sorely missed by all of us who loved her.

I have no doubt that she will be remembered by the millions of New Hampshireers as the person who created and ran a vibrant daily newspaper that was the envy of the world.”

Our hearts go out to Elizabeth’s family and friends.

“Bowers, the oldest living former member of the New England Herald and a radio host, had been a radio personality for nearly two decades before leaving the station in 1956 to focus on other things, her family said.

The Herald’s first owner, Henry A. Schlosser, bought the paper in 1949, according to a biography published by the Gildan New Hampshire Press.

He died in 1962.

The Gazette, which began in 1949 and was named for the local newspaper, was known for its gossipy stories, and was the hometown paper of some of the town’s best-known residents, including a man named Fred A. Clark.

The paper also published the weekly local newspaper.

Schlosser died in 2003.

Schlosseler bought the Herald in 1974 for $50,000, but it was not a profitable venture for him.

The town’s residents were angry at Schlossers for a series of decisions that led to the newspaper closing, including allowing a new owner to purchase it in 1992.

Schlossers, who was a self-described liberal and an admirer of Ronald Reagan, was not allowed to buy it because the newspaper was owned, in part, by a family of business owners who were opposed to his plan.

Schslosselers, in his autobiography, described the newspaper as a “bargaining chip in a big gun.””

In 2005, the Gazette sold to Trump for $200 million.”

But we were able to sell it for the sum of $100,000 in less than two years, so we could buy a new newspaper.”

In 2005, the Gazette sold to Trump for $200 million.

The family said it had no financial ties to Trump and that it was just a business deal that was done in her name.

“The family does not have any interest in any part of the sale or the future of the paper,” the family said in a statement.

“We are proud of Elizabeth’s life and career and wish her the best in life.”

Trump’s spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

The news of Bower’s death has stirred debate about Trump’s role in her demise.

It is a development that could be a game changer for Trump as he faces a primary challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and his former opponent Hillary Clinton, who both have been accused of being too close to the business community and too cozy with Wall Street.

Trump has long been a vocal supporter of the wealthy and wealthy families who own and control large chunks of American business.

In fact, he was a major backer of the 1994 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited


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