A quick primer on the term “ecom”

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How do you get started on your next project?

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“I would think we’re talking about the eCommerce platform.

If you think of it as a marketplace, we’re looking for people to pay on that platform,” said one of the founders.

“So that’s the core of the business.”

The company’s aim is to create a business with the goal of making money off of the platforms it wants to sell.

The team also says it aims to make it a “full service platform” and that it will have a presence on all of the major platforms.

That’s where the word “ecomo” comes from.

“We’re a fully automated eCommerce company.

We don’t take any orders,” said the CEO.

“It’s completely automated.

We take no payment.

We’re completely automated.”

So how does it work?

The company says it will only accept payment from merchants who accept bitcoin.

It’s currently working on its platform but said it’s hoping to have a formal partnership with a merchant later this year.

The company says that it plans to work with more than 20,000 merchants to sell its services.

“There’s a huge opportunity for eCommerce.

We are looking for new ways to monetise that,” said its CEO.

The founders say they’ve received a lot of feedback on the project so far, but the only way to hear it is by using it.

“If we do something good, it will be very good feedback.

And it will motivate us,” said co-founder Matt Capps.